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Meta-lessons : NEMEs

I’ve only scratched the surface of what it is I’m Mulling, but it seems like this:

Meta-cognition is an inquisitive state of monitoring one’s unstoppable learning process, or evolution. It observes patterns in the mind and environment, which when Noticed can either be Engaged, or not. If Engaged, an experience emerges that relates to the pattern. If we mindfully Mull the patterns we’ve Noticed and Engaged, it triggers awareness of a meta-lesson, a sort of meaningful ‘aha’.

The meta-lesson is what ultimately repatterns the field of consciousness, augmenting our behaviors/beliefs. As we Exchange these lessons, there is a resonant empathetic response in our interconnected relational field. The meta-lesson replicates and adapts as those connected to us mimic the cognition which triggered the uplifting effect(s).

Meta-lessons can be articulated in a number of imaginative ways: as models, methods, or a series of memes that are shown to facilitate the particular¬†mindfulness¬†associated with one’s personal meta-learning. This is a constant recoding involving feedback Exchanges within intentional learning environments.

Personally I think of these meta-lessons as NEMEs: Notice, Engage, Mull, Exchange. They are woven into the Tubes of our evolutionary journey, as well as the Spheres of our ascension. NEMEs may well be a guiding flow of pre-sentience into our meta-selfhood.

Better to say it wildly, than simply put it mildly.


Mind Amplifier

I have just read Howard Rheingold’s awesome book Mind Amplifier in which he outlines the ways in which interacting with each other and with technology has augmented and enhanced out capacity to think, and has greatly increased the field of possibility for emergence of new types of thinking.

He points out, however, that in spite of all the gains we have made, we seem not to be fully engaging with the potential to solve the most pressing issues of out times. He suggests that we need to upgrade our cognitive equipment, and a primary method he advocates is the engagement of meta-cognition.

In the spirit of co-operation toward a saner and longer lasting human experience on this planet into a long and healthy future, I am asking the peers here at meta-cogs to begin the task of creating a coherent resource of documentation on the topic of meta-cognition. Between us we will research precursors to meta-cognitive exploration as well as contemporary research and application models, and emerging interdisciplinary applications.

As a start I have begun to collate web based resources here; and will use this method to collect the data from which I will draw together the resources that I will contribute to this blog.

Thanks to all the peers who are joining this effort, may it be fruitful and may it serve to benefit the unfolding evolution of human consciousness.