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Source: The Ever Present Origin

This blog post is part of my learning journey (and others) within the Metacogs peer learning network. We have come together online to form a self organising learning group that seeks to help each other learn ‘meta-cognative’ (thinking about thinking) tools and understandings. That’s how I understand it. To start with we set up a Facebook group oriented around this purpose. Then we set up this blog and lately some of us in this group have been meeting in online video conference calls via Google+ Hangouts. These have been recorded and you can access them on this blog. We are using and exploring a range of meta-cognative tools, including PatternDynamics, which I have developed as a systems thinking tool for enhancing the enduring health and functionality of human organisations at any scale and of any type. The premise behind PatternDynamics is that sustainability and forming a thriving planetary civilisation is dependent for the most  part on people and how we collectively make decisions about how we treat the environment, social capital ect. So PatternDynamics (PD) takes the patterns nature uses for sustainable organisation of its systems and translates them into a set of symbols that we humans can use to understand, communicate and design using the same patterns of organisation. This is proposed as a method for giving us humans the same capacity we find for enduring health and evolution in natural systems.

The first PD Pattern (see for Pattern Charts and descriptions) we are exploring is Source.