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Thought on structures of consciousness.

Consciousness as a living structure.

Some orienting inquiries:

  • What does contemporary metaphysics have to offer us in the way of clarifying cognitive constructs when it comes to the topic of structures of consciousness?


  • What are some of the “universally” understood symbolic structural forms that have emerged from the evolution of human consciousness?


  • How is the esoteric knowledge of metaphysical constructs related to the embodied experience of being a human in the 21st century human civilisational context?


  • Where are the parallel understandings explicated in the contemporary scientific literature, and technological developments, what experimental evidence is there, what does that tell us?


  • When we consider these findings in light of each other, what working hypothesis can be generated that serves the further conscious participation in the process of coming to a genuine “universal” understanding of the nature of reality?


WIP,  please submit any relevant insights, or links thereto in the comments to this post, and with your help, this proposed thesis will grow and ultimately serve the future of our species on this planet, thank you.


Mind Amplifier

I have just read Howard Rheingold’s awesome book Mind Amplifier in which he outlines the ways in which interacting with each other and with technology has augmented and enhanced out capacity to think, and has greatly increased the field of possibility for emergence of new types of thinking.

He points out, however, that in spite of all the gains we have made, we seem not to be fully engaging with the potential to solve the most pressing issues of out times. He suggests that we need to upgrade our cognitive equipment, and a primary method he advocates is the engagement of meta-cognition.

In the spirit of co-operation toward a saner and longer lasting human experience on this planet into a long and healthy future, I am asking the peers here at meta-cogs to begin the task of creating a coherent resource of documentation on the topic of meta-cognition. Between us we will research precursors to meta-cognitive exploration as well as contemporary research and application models, and emerging interdisciplinary applications.

As a start I have begun to collate web based resources here; and will use this method to collect the data from which I will draw together the resources that I will contribute to this blog.

Thanks to all the peers who are joining this effort, may it be fruitful and may it serve to benefit the unfolding evolution of human consciousness.

Applied Peer Learning

A small group of us has begun exploring the real time collaboration environment called Rizzoma. We are developing processes and protocols in building a Holarchy of engagement which will enhance our capacity to manage the Complexity of the Growth of a metacognitive Structure.

As we Iterate our practice we give real time and asynchronous Feedback to the System under development. The Synergy between participants is supporting our collective Adaptation to the new online environment, as well as the Emergence of a Seed Pattern. This will support our ongoing experience of the Evolution of collaborative play/work and the Emergence of the collective genius which informs the System.

We are using the Pattern Dynamics Language to enhance our understanding of the Process, and to help define areas of Resonance as well as identify the arising of aspects of Polarity. Utilising these tools together in real time and providing Feedback as we progress is allowing us to Capture the value of multiple perspectives. When we focus our Energy toward achieving Harmony in our interactions and developing a Resource that adds value to knowledge generation and information Exchange, the Flow/Stores aspect of Polarity is optimised for the benefit of all involved.

We are documenting our ongoing process through posts such as this, both here and elsewhere as a contribution to the Emergence of a new human capcity for group cohesion and effective action.

Alignment with Source – expanded.

Expanding into a pattern Dynamics analysis of the previous posting:


Alignment with Source.

I have a complex, multi-dimensional life. I have many factors to take into account in every decision I make, and I have the challenge of remaining focussed on task with long term projects while life erupts unpredictably around me. I will frame this in terms of Pattern Dynamics to help me develop a practice of doing so based in my immediate awareness of life and relationships.

To remain grounded in the Source of inspiration and perseverance required to be effective in multiple domains simultaneously, I engage a disciplined meditation practice. I also enact daily yoga practice. These routines set up a Rhythm which sustains a conscious body-mind. With this connection to Source sustained I can engage the Dynamics of interacting with various emergent forms of Exchange, both in relation to the people in my life, and with the various information flows that I pay attention to.

I often find that during Exchange Dynamics, Polarity arises. Opportunities to reflect on aspects of an Exchange which are not immediately apparent from my individual perspective are revealed this way and an opening for Creativity in response can arise as a result. Engaging Creativity in order to reveal deeper nuances in Exchange allows for broader more inclusive understandings to arise between myself and others as we partake in the Dynamics of our interactions. Polarity can be met in a variety of manners depending on the content of the Exchange, and the underlying Structure of the individual alignments to their Source of inspiration can be revealed through engaging Polarity with Creativity.

The Structure and Rhythm of my life and work are what enable me to embody a coherent presence in multiple domains. My alignment with Source flows into my creative expressions which I present to the world and the people around me as a representation (Structure of identity) of the being that I perceive myself to be. The Structure of self-identity which I align with Source, is a highly disciplined and yet totally surrendered nexus of feelings, thoughts and actions which interacts with the world through various means, both direct and indirect.

Self-reflection through observation of Exchange Dynamics, paying particular attention to instances of Polarity allow for a Dynamics of creative restructuring at the self-identity level, on an ongoing basis, in relation to the requirements of the currently arising situation. A deeply aligned Structure of self-identity with Source allows for a fluidity of responsive surface Structure of identity as a person in the world.

Welcome to meta-cogs.

This meta-cognitive space is available for the emergence of a peer learning network focussing on pattern languages specifically designed to enhance cultural evolution.

Pattern Dynamics study will be supported by the participation of it’s creator, Tim Winton – deep gratitude Tim 🙂 We will focus on learning and applying this method as well as contributing value and feedback to the system.

Other suggested pattern languages to investigate and comparatively analyse are Anthony Lawlor’s Patterns of Wisdom and Gavin Keech/Ishan Shapiro’s work on metacodes

Welcome suggestions for other relevant inclusions to our considerations.