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Our first group meetup on G+ from which our statement of Source emerged.

Here we engage a process of orientation to and focussing as a group to align with purpose and intention as it emerges through us as a service to the whole. This allowed us to arrive at a statement “MetaCogs identity and purpose (trial) statement of Source. To model particular methods of enhancing and creating coherent conscious fields that form structures that serve. ”

Here are some synthesized excerpts of that Dan RD noticed in this conversation.  Feel free to add more in the comments.

 framing our methods around source …

circling around flow and play …

increasing awareness of limiting patterns …

moving beyond our separation …

aligning hearts with the whole …

forming practical commitments …

enacting healthy expressions of humanity …

discovering patterns emerging in society …

being the competent coherent structure that serves …

contemplating our interactions …

imagining we already did it …

reverse engineering the best outcome …

crafting an offering …

modelling the methods …

enlightening the noosphere …

Our second meeting, with some new crew members, welcome Harlan Woods, Travis Wellman, Zaq Mosher and Daniel Durrant, as well as John Kellden, Francesca Solinas and Glistening Deepwater.

some memorable quotes from the chat session;

enlightenment before singularity

Meta-systems, living, systems, working with tech systems, could also say cultural and social systems…. political too, we need to learn how to transform, metamorphosis, polymorph
learning could be almost interoperable with scaling…

cross-generational learning going on here! we inherit from each other, during our lives (not just our generational legacies) as well

we need not just thought-experiments, but cultural experiments… seeing transformation happen… engaging with it as it arises and happens, making the space for it to happen, using the ‘limited’ spaces we have now

it doesn’t matter what the vehicle is, it matters what the space we are opening is, for the quality of life we want

agents of divine intervention empower transition narratives

hack everything, lifehacks, culturehacks, mindhacks, ‘tech’hacks, even hacking how we use our tech, problem and solution, best way to frame? are some there better ways? Or rather, other parallel ways of framing

general/generative principles

generativity, reciprocity, thrivability, authenticity

wisdom games, paradigm games, ‘gameshifting’ networking real human culture and social reality games!

complementary alignment, fluid geometry, generative, explorative lingua francas

We need to learn how to navigate and skim the surface tension of cultural interfaces.

more open source components from our meta cog group –

And some more on our collaboration systems here:

Unlearning, Untraining, Re-learning, Re-training
The power of process, integrate the cognitive structures in the noosphere (and real life)
coherence of sentient, meta-being, less abstraction, more grounding

Protocol vs platform.
Connecting in with what is already being used, rather than forcing migration.

Culture is collective consciousness. What we need is to bring it into awareness.


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