Peer Learning Network


Pattern Dynamics Notes:

To model particular methods of enhancing and creating coherent conscious fields to form structures that serve the  emergence of a healthy planetary society.

Our sharing of identity and purpose allows us to coherently self-organise in an effective and healthy manner.

We Dynamically and Creatively recognise Structures emerging from the coherent conscious field.

Source defined as identity and purpose/ object and process/ pattern and dynamic. Source as fundamental self-organising dynamic pattern.

Structure is the enduring support which stabilises the dynamics of a system i.e the technological and cultural context in which our interactions are embedded.

Technical structures are fairly concrete, cultural structures are more malleable. We have the shared value of being able to take multiple perspectives, we value the idea of contributing to a healthy society, and we see the value in developing the capacity to experience and share “meta-cognition” or planetary consciousness.

Dynamics represents the process aspect of any system. We have a close affinity to dynamics at this point in bootstrapping the conscious development of this group.

Creativity speaks to the role of our ideas about something in shaping that thing. Holding the lens of Creativity up to a situation allows us to see options for how to respond.

Polarity pattern reveals that things which appear to be opposite, such as subject and object, are really parts of a larger whole which includes them both. Polarities resolve as a unity within Source.

Rhythm is regularity in time, such as our meetings online. Rhythm, or repetition is important to help create healthy organisational structures.

Exchange is the pattern of relationality, of how parts of a system connect. Sharing information, resources, trust, reciprocity, openness receptivity.

Second order pattern, order of chaos, (process polarity) speaks to the confusion currently prevalent in the public discourse around change and perceived systemic crises. We can choose to enact polarity more creatively.

We hope to model processes of planetary consciousness in action. We hope to model effective healthy systems that  facilitate healthy planetary civilisation.

The first order patterns are different aspects and expressions of source.

Patterns themselves are neutral, they describe fundamentals underlying the perceivable phenomena. They are lenses for viewing aspects of the world arising in perception.


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