Peer Learning Network

Consciousness as a living structure.

Some orienting inquiries:

  • What does contemporary metaphysics have to offer us in the way of clarifying cognitive constructs when it comes to the topic of structures of consciousness?


  • What are some of the “universally” understood symbolic structural forms that have emerged from the evolution of human consciousness?


  • How is the esoteric knowledge of metaphysical constructs related to the embodied experience of being a human in the 21st century human civilisational context?


  • Where are the parallel understandings explicated in the contemporary scientific literature, and technological developments, what experimental evidence is there, what does that tell us?


  • When we consider these findings in light of each other, what working hypothesis can be generated that serves the further conscious participation in the process of coming to a genuine “universal” understanding of the nature of reality?


WIP,  please submit any relevant insights, or links thereto in the comments to this post, and with your help, this proposed thesis will grow and ultimately serve the future of our species on this planet, thank you.


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