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Expanding into a pattern Dynamics analysis of the previous posting:

I have a complex, multi-dimensional life. I have many factors to take into account in every decision I make, and I have the challenge of remaining focussed on task with long term projects while life erupts unpredictably around me. I will frame this in terms of Pattern Dynamics to help me develop a practice of doing so based in my immediate awareness of life and relationships.

To remain grounded in the Source of inspiration and perseverance required to be effective in multiple domains simultaneously, I engage a disciplined meditation practice. I also enact daily yoga practice. These routines set up a Rhythm which sustains a conscious body-mind. With this connection to Source sustained I can engage the Dynamics of interacting with various emergent forms of Exchange, both in relation to the people in my life, and with the various information flows that I pay attention to.

Every morning I enact a Rhythm. I meditate for up to an hour, using methods of spontaneously engaging the universal Source of life through practices such as:

Structured ritual, i.e. lighting candles and incense, offering these at the altar with a blessing for all beings and a surrendering to the Dynamics, or flow, of universal Source essence through all that I can perceive and imagine.

Dynamic ritual, i.e. asana yoga (physical postures and breathing techniques developed to energise and rejuvenate the material and subtle bodies), chanting mantra (ancient sanskrit sacred syllables developed to align the individual form with the the universal Source).

Creativity is engagedin relation to daily activities, such as navigating my relationship with my young son and responsibly meeting his needs while keeping it fun and attaining satisfactory outcomes in his personal development and educational spheres. It is also engaged during the research and development of my metaphysics project,which involves a lot of information Exchange. While I am fulfilling my study commitments and as I interact with various significant others in both mine and my children’s lives, a Dynamics of Exchange takes place where information and artefacts are involved in alternating communication streams.

 I often find that during Exchange Dynamics, Polarity arises. Opportunities to reflect on aspects of an Exchange which are not immediately apparent from my individual perspective are revealed this way and an opening for Creativity in response can arise as a result. Engaging Creativity in order to reveal deeper nuances in Exchange allows for broader more inclusive understandings to arise between myself and others as we partake in the Dynamics of our interactions. Polarity can be met in a variety of manners depending on the content of the Exchange, and the underlying Structure of the individual alignments to their Source of inspiration can be revealed through engaging Polarity with Creativity.

Polarity often arises as a result of there being multiple needs to be met on any given occasion. For example, my son and I are both at home. I need to continue reading something as part of my ongoing commitment to study. At the same time he needs me pay attention to his games and interests in order to feel validated and secure in a healthy relationship with his mother. In instances such as this, I can engage Creativity in order to meet both our needs, if not simultaneously, then at least concurrently. We can engage in a Dynamics of Exchange where we communicate, negotiate and reach agreement on how to meet both our needs in a way that we both feel good about.

Engaging Polarity with Creativity is often called for when interacting with my child’s other parent. He and I experience moments of tension when we have conflicting needs, for instance, he may have an intention to see his child’s desires fulfilled which if played out could easily result in our child experiencing a psychological trauma. Me attempting to explain this has often resulted in difficulty communicating with each other effectively. When I engage Creativity, (which I relate to as skilful means) I can often find an appropriate angle to approach the topic from that allows us to engage the topic, rather than the often chaotic emotional reactions to the topic. In this way, recognising the Polarity in the situation, and meeting it creatively, the Dynamics of the Exchange are shifted and a satisfactory outcome for all is achieved.


The Structure and Rhythm of my life and work are what enable me to embody a coherent presence in multiple domains. My alignment with Source flows into my creative expressions which I present to the world and the people around me as a representation (Structure of identity) of the being that I perceive myself to be. The Structure of self-identity which I align with Source, is a highly disciplined and yet totally surrendered nexus of feelings, thoughts and actions which interacts with the world through various means, both direct and indirect.

The Structure of my life is observable in a variety of ways. There is the physical location and material artefacts that support my activities such as my home and it’s contents, my car and cell phone, and there is the time bytes that these activities are divided into. I experience a sense of continuity of self throughout, and this is supported by both the tangible and intangible Structures I have set up for myself. The Rhythm of daily activities which occurs, bounded by these Structures has a symbiotic relationship with them. My days unfold through the enacting of routines, through the reification of my identity as I interact with the people and the world, and the relationships I have with the concepts and constructs of consciousness that I regularly intersect with. Throughout all this, albeit relatively ordered, Dynamic flux I have an alignment with Source which stabilises the identity and guides the ways in which I interact with everything that I experience and perceive.


Self-reflection through observation of Exchange Dynamics, paying particular attention to instances of Polarity allow for a Dynamics of creative restructuring at the self-identity level, on an ongoing basis, in relation to the requirements of the currently arising situation. A deeply aligned Structure of self-identity with Source allows for a fluidity of responsive surface Structure of identity as a person in the world.

As I maintain mindful awareness of all the many things, both tangible and intangible, which arise in my field of experience and perception, I can adapt and modify my behaviour according to the needs of the moment. When things change, as they often do without warning, I am able to flexibly respond rather than being overcome by emotions or irrational clinging to the safety of the “known” or previously expected event timeline. This capability has gradually stabilised as a result of careful self observation and analysis in times when this was not the case. The Dynamics of Exchange , especially when experiencing instances of Polarity, once caused me serious confusion and suffering, and I can now see this arising for others at times. Over time I have taken measures to adapt my cognitive Structure such that it maintains its flexibility even while being relatively stable.


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