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Alignment with Source.

I have a complex, multi-dimensional life. I have many factors to take into account in every decision I make, and I have the challenge of remaining focussed on task with long term projects while life erupts unpredictably around me. I will frame this in terms of Pattern Dynamics to help me develop a practice of doing so based in my immediate awareness of life and relationships.

To remain grounded in the Source of inspiration and perseverance required to be effective in multiple domains simultaneously, I engage a disciplined meditation practice. I also enact daily yoga practice. These routines set up a Rhythm which sustains a conscious body-mind. With this connection to Source sustained I can engage the Dynamics of interacting with various emergent forms of Exchange, both in relation to the people in my life, and with the various information flows that I pay attention to.

I often find that during Exchange Dynamics, Polarity arises. Opportunities to reflect on aspects of an Exchange which are not immediately apparent from my individual perspective are revealed this way and an opening for Creativity in response can arise as a result. Engaging Creativity in order to reveal deeper nuances in Exchange allows for broader more inclusive understandings to arise between myself and others as we partake in the Dynamics of our interactions. Polarity can be met in a variety of manners depending on the content of the Exchange, and the underlying Structure of the individual alignments to their Source of inspiration can be revealed through engaging Polarity with Creativity.

The Structure and Rhythm of my life and work are what enable me to embody a coherent presence in multiple domains. My alignment with Source flows into my creative expressions which I present to the world and the people around me as a representation (Structure of identity) of the being that I perceive myself to be. The Structure of self-identity which I align with Source, is a highly disciplined and yet totally surrendered nexus of feelings, thoughts and actions which interacts with the world through various means, both direct and indirect.

Self-reflection through observation of Exchange Dynamics, paying particular attention to instances of Polarity allow for a Dynamics of creative restructuring at the self-identity level, on an ongoing basis, in relation to the requirements of the currently arising situation. A deeply aligned Structure of self-identity with Source allows for a fluidity of responsive surface Structure of identity as a person in the world.


Comments on: "Alignment with Source." (5)

  1. Very powerful, Glistening! You are manifesting the archetype of the Heroine, or the Goddess!



    • As I develop my understanding of the Pattern Dynamics language more deeply I will be able to flesh out these insights in greater depth and detail πŸ™‚

  2. Great Glistening, very helpful! I’m on the same path, but at present enacting in a more intuitive informal way. I do need now to find the right flexible and flowing way of structuring and focussing in order to be more effective in multidimensional, multimedia interactive manner…

  3. Hi Glistening. This is a quite a nuanced and sophisticated exploration of the many aspects of Source that emerge as your experience (shared with us). I’d love for you to connect more examples to the Patterns you mention. Same goes for all other posts. I think it is the examples that really ‘enact’ the Patterns and make them visible. Do you know who created the image in your post?


  4. I will flesh out this rather succinct outline and connect these terms with examples in a new post, thanks for that direction Tim. I created that image btw, it is a photo of me in meditation which underwent some exploratory photoshop processes that I can’t remember, which I did about 5 years ago. I do love how this image captures the essence of my felt sense of “no-boundary” πŸ™‚

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