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At Home with Source

The Source of who we are together holds a space, which for me feels like home. Let’s start by remembering that Source is the core of the Pattern Dynamics. It is an Energy which I feel stimulates a sense of shared purpose. It is a Power in our consciousness which expands like a sphere of possibility. It is a safe MetaCog space in which we can play.

Those of us in the MetaCog space, seem to sense something similar: this Source. It holds many patterns, which we’re beginning to explore. It appears to be helping us self-organize into a model of a healthy planetary society.

We’ve come together around these patterns which might accelerate our learning process. We’re sharing content that expresses how we dynamically relate to what seems our Source-identity. In time our purpose(s) become more easily expressed and embodied if this MetaCog space truly is our home.

Source, when it feels like home, is for me a space I’d gladly occupy. A few writers recently shared their ideas of home with the The Independent, and one view stood out to me:

“Our need for a home arises out of a vulnerability and a lack of solid identity. Our sensitivity to our surroundings may be traced back to a troubling feature of human psychology: to the way we harbor within us many different selves, not all of which feel equally like “us”, so much so that in certain moods, we can complain of having come adrift from what we judge to be our true selves.”

Vulnerability is frequently being recognized as a strength, and it might be worth mulling how at home we feel sharing our selves.. Already we’re expressing our vulnerability and singing aloud of our hopes. This is what I find welcoming about the MetaCog space, because we’re not afraid to be vulnerable.

This space is where we can playfully create the enduring Structure which supports our culture, our service. This Structure allows us to see from multiple perspectives and multiple selves, and might be the platform of our “meta-cognition”. The Structure is initially being built to provide us the perspectival lenses of Pattern Dynamics. Yet we all acknowledge this Structure is not meant to constrain, but rather define our Dynamics so that we might better understand how our MetaCog system helps us include all the patterns Source has to offer. It is an inclusive space.

I suspect we’ll more fully explore Creativity as it relates to vulnerability, empathy, and play. Creativity, like empathy, may be called upon during chaos, to give rise to new order. The Polarity we perceive as confusion might encourage us to be vulnerable, to empathize and play differently (Bifurcation).

Exchange is also worth exploring as it is a means whereby we entangle, by sharing and reciprocating. If we might be so open to receive what we have to offer each other on a regular basis our Exchanges takes on a Rhythm. Yet, I’m told this all begins with Source and I tend to believe it’s already here, because I can feel it. And it feels like home. All these others ideas we’ll have to explore at a later time, because it’s late and I’m ready for bed.


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